Friday, August 12, 2011

I Warned You!

Here it is. I have finally decided to blog. With a lot of impending free time on my hands and with idle hands being the Devil's playground and all, I need a diversion. Without a diversion, my mind will surely engage in planning an Ocean's 11 style Sephora heist or figuring out how to follow John Cougar Mellencamp around the country--his tour, not him personally as I'm sure he reeks of Marlboros and Bengay. My best friend, Mary Margaret (name changed to protect the guilty) has a blog and she got free Downy blue balls for her efforts. Keeping out of trouble AND scoring free swag??? Absolutely! Where do I sign up? Count me in! The additional perk is now I have a forum for retribution to my beloved family for all they have put me through! Who's got the upper hand now? Mwahahahah!

While I don't know what will develop during the course of the blog, I can promise that this won't be one of those cutsey poo, sweetie pie, perfect family blogs. My family trends more towards Roseanne than Father Knows Best, Hoarders than Leave it to Beaver and Let's Make a Deal than Ozzie and Harriet. We are loud and sometimes messy, but we love it that way. Nor will you find any helpful crafting, do it yourself tips. My only tips would be to grab your credit card and point and click. I'm not a crafty person. I get my artistic needs fulfilled by looking at the color palette at the aforementioned Sephora.

So here goes nothing. As my grandfather always said, shaking his head post facto "I told you, I told you, I told you".

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