Thursday, December 22, 2011

Pretentious Young Foodie

One of the few advantages of Facebook is that you get to reconnect with friends from everywhere.  Some you reconnect with just out of morbid curiosity, some because you were actually friends with back in the day.  Granted, with FB you have to sift through a lot of crap "working out again--feels so good", "sick again--poor me", "my kid is the best because they brought home all C's", but every now and then you get a genuine nugget of absolute goodness.

I have "friended" an old friend who attended the now closed Warren Academy with me from kindergarten until 7th grade.  WA was a Christian school.  And it was strict.  Extremely strict.  Tape kids to their desks.  Put their desks in the janitor's closet for solitary confinement.  Prayer circles for disobedient kids, strict.  We were like little trained monkeys.  Only with far less bananas.  Or fun.

Jason was so kind as to share this gem his mother unearthed with FB yesterday:
Yes, that says "Holiday Cooking".  Surprising for a Christian school and obviously before the "Happy Holidays" vs. "Merry Christmas" war.

WA loved to make us perform like the aforementioned monkeys and were always pimping us out to do things like this cookbook.  I'm sure we had our marching orders to bring in recipes and write neatly on the old school mimeograph paper (the predecessor of the copier, kiddos).   Jason had mentioned several people who were contributed recipes and I was one of them (I have absolutely no recollection of this, as I have repressed the majority of my memories from that gulag).  I wondered what I had added and imagine my sheer delight to click on his next pic to see MY recipe!!

Even back in 2nd grade (or so I'm guessing, because it's written in cursive and we didn't learn that until 2nd grade), I was a pretentious little foodie.  And cheesecake addict.  J pointed out that I misspelled cracker.  And graham.  But hey, mimeograph paper didn't have spell check.  Yes, kiddos.  This was before computers.  And internet.  Possibly even before fire--not sure, repressed memories and all that.  I guess this was a precursor to the live morning tv segments I would do 30 years later.  Too bad I didn't have this recipe then, or else I could have made it live on air.

I am so grateful that he shared this with the FB masses.  It is so nice to look back on the sweet kid I used to be.  Before I turned into the haggard and jaded Burdie of today.

Now I'm craving cheesecake.

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