Sunday, June 3, 2012

Who's ZOOming Who?

This weekend, we decided to be brave and venture out of our weekend routine (which usually consists of doing nothing, but doing nothing extremely well).  J took us (and by "us", I mean the adults in the family--no one under legal drinking age allowed) to First Friday on Elm St. in Greensboro.  The evening started off great, dinner at the Pour House, followed by a leisurely stroll along Elm, ducking into antique shops (and Mellow Mushroom for the bathroom--I did have dinner at the Pour House & that's gonna catch up with a girl.  In a hurry!) 

J then whisked me off to the longest hour and a half I've had since I was in labor (with either girl--both equally painful, so feel free to insert whichever painful and long hour & half you'd like).  We went to a "comedy" club.  I'm guessing the "comedy" part comes in when the owners laugh all the way to the bank with our money.  It was akin to being trapped in the early days of Comedy Central, with random standup acts and no remote to change the channel and being too lazy to get up to walk all the way the tv.  Now, don't go to fussin' at me, saying "it takes courage to get up on stage in the first place!".  I know ALL about courage--my middle age butt got up on stage with the youngsters to dance last week.  In spandex nonetheless.   However, if making fun of people is what's passing for comedy these days, then consider me a grumpy old curmudgeon (with the exception of when Mary Margaret & I make fun of people, because THOSE people deserve it!).

Saturday we decided to take the Sound & the Fury to the zoo.  We have season passes, provided by my mother in law.  The weather was gorgeous so we thought we'd enjoy a leisurely day at the zoo and it shouldn't be too crowded, as folks should be at pools or working in the yard or somewhere other than the zoo.  To put it politely, we were wrong.  I have NEVER seen so many folks, other than when Chic Fil A gives out free sandwiches.  Undaunted, we parked 2 miles away & sauntered in (give or take 1.75 miles).

We had already made our minds up that we were going to stay on the African side of the zoo (the zoo sprawls over a mile & a half--granted that doesn't sound too far, but remember I don't exercise, much less with two kids to whine along the way).  We merely meandered.  We got season passes.  No additional money wasted.  If we didn't see it, we'd come back.  Not like the poor saps on a day pass who HAVE to get it all in in one day.  We kinda got to see some animals.  The girls weren't very impressed with the chimps, especially when I kept pointing out which ones must be sisters, because they fought just like the two sisters in my house.

And as the sun set on our zoo day (see what I did there--the shadow pic and the sun set reference. Yeah, I was an only child for many years.  I've learned to entertain myself), we ventured to Sir Pizza, (the holy grail of pizza places--square pizza slices!)  and over to Coffee Xchange for dessert.  Yeah, Coffee Xchange is one of my clients, so of course I'm gonna plug 'em!  Even if they weren't I'd still plug 'em--their espresso shake is outta this world.  I was amazed at how happening downtown Asheboro was for a Saturday night.

Now if I could figure out how to get people to pay me to watch my own little personal zoo.  Hey--isn't that the same as a reality show??)!

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  1. Really enjoyed that ANCIENT post, Laura! :) When do we get to hear about the wonders of a weekend at Disney's Boardwalk Resort? There must be great tales to tell! Hope you are well!