Thursday, August 25, 2011

Done Deal

It's done.  The day I thought would never get, here finally arrived.  We met with the lawyer this afternoon and signed the papers for the sale of Mama Laura's Chocolates.  I'm feeling pretty ambivalent at the moment--not sure which emotion to follow.  I keep reminding myself that the sale is a good thing.  A really good thing.  Even though the business bore my name, I had completely been stripped of my individuality.  I am finally going back to find the Burdie that was paused 11 years ago to start a family.  I am selling to a couple who have worked here for over a year and know it inside and out.  They are good friends and I feel like I'm leaving my baby in very good hands.

I am looking forward to the small things that I haven't been able to have for the past four years.  The small things that sound silly and petty, but nevertheless give me pleasure.  Manicures.  Perfume.  Wearing clothing that requires dry cleaning.  Having a defined lunch time that isn't interrupted by waiting the counter.  The ability to openly speak my mind without fear of damaging sales.  Small things that add up to the total sum of who Burdie is.
I certainly wish them well.  Both the shop and the Shivelys.  I know they love it and will continue to ensure its growth.  Now I can resume ensuring my personal growth.
Here's to a long life!

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