Friday, August 26, 2011

Safety First!

Lulu came home today with her badge of honor--her Safety Patrol sash.  Each year 24 of the biggest, baddest, upperclassmen (er, 5th graders) act as Safety Patrol (ok, so not baddest.  It just sounded better than best behaved).  They open and close car doors, direct the non Safety Patrol masses to the proper car rider car, enforce the rules of no running in the halls, and in the case of the rare hellion, offer an escort to class to ensure the hellion gets in the proper spot to in hopes education might be bestowed upon him/her.  Lulu has been in training for this for 6 years, bossing her sister around and tattling on her every move to us.  She has mastered the technique.  She is ready for the gig.  She has added mumbling under her breath to her repertoire of late and that will be ideal for when she has to utter "have a nice day" to the car rider car drivers.

This is a novel concept to me.  I went to Christian school.  We didn't have Safety Patrol to open the car doors.  We had to tough it out and do it ourselves (trust me, on those 70's car, the doors weighed approximately the same as a baby hippo).  As for acting up on the way into the class, well, we were Christian school students and had to answer to a power much higher than principal.

I'm proud of my Lulu!  I hope you bust lots of those pesky first graders for running in the hall.  On school property, between the hours of 7:30am-7:55am and 2:20pm-2:45pm, you have my full permission to bring the smack down on your sister.  Provided she is running in the hall.

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