Monday, August 15, 2011

Half and Half

PeyPey, the younger of my two daughters and the Fury portion of my Sound and Fury travelling offspring sideshow act, is a miniature me, apart from the fact that she will eat anything that slows down to get in her mouth, while I have a more *discriminating* palate.  In fact, my two children are polar opposites, just as their father and I are.  This has provoked many an unsolicited “spitting image” comment.

Yesterday, PeyPey finally realized that people were making these comparisons between our children and the respective parent.  “Mom,” Pey said, “I’m like you AND Daddy.”

Wondering where she was going with this, I had to ask what she meant by that.  Hoping to hear her rattle off a list of superlatives about me, “dynamic”, “beautiful”, “intelligent”, “great sense of humor”, “kind nature”, or any combination of those, I stupidly asked what she meant.

“Well, I’m like you because I hate snakes.  And I’m like Dad because I want my back scratched,” PeyPey quickly snapped me back to reality, squashing the replies I still had echoing around in my head.

That will teach me to ask a 6 year old a deep end of the pool question, as her reasoning is still sweetly stuck in the baby pool.

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