Sunday, August 14, 2011

Ignorance is Bliss

After a kidney jarring 4 wheel drive on Cordova Beach in our ancient Chevy Blazer, whereby I vowed to get down and kiss the asphalt if we landed safely back on normal people roads, we were celebrating by tossing back Spree candies.  We were all too scared to try to eat them while driving on the beach, as they are small enough to quite easily lodge in a windpipe while going over another rut and we had two Costco-esque sized boxes of them, just waiting on us.

During this moment of "thank goodness we didn't have to call AAA" jubilation, Lulu pondered aloud if a Spree would fizz if placed in a warm bathtub.  I thought that she was trying to make a reference to the by now infamous Mentos and Diet Coke combination, so I tried to correct her by asking, "Don't you mean Mentos and Diet Coke?".

"No, mom.  I mean Sprees and bathwater.  The Rolaids I threw in the tub with me were awfully fizzy & I'm just wondering if Sprees would do the same, " Lulu corrected my correction.

Rolaids & the bathtub???

I really don't want to know.

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