Sunday, September 18, 2011

0-2, 4 and 0, 6 and 6

This was the first weekend of any true action for our various troops.  Mid September, the air is still warm and --Wait, huh??  Highs in the 50's and rain?  It's not cold and rainy in September.  It's cold and rainy in November! Guns 'N Roses even devoted a whole song to it!  Apparently Mother Nature is more of a Simon & Garfunkel fan and didn't get the memo.  If I were a sports writer and searching for a cheesy cliche', I could easily write that the Fire was extinguished by the rain.  Yes, PeyPey's team is called the Fire (and yet our jerseys are white.  Maybe it means we burn WHITE hot! I'm stretching for a logical tie in, cut me some slack) and yes, they played twice and yes, they lost both times.  Thankfully Pey is happily gathering butterflies on the field (the only thing I can figure out with her sleeves pulled down so far she looks like she's a clipper ship at full sail) and isn't really into winning or losing.  Or even playing the game for that matter.  She is in her own little fairy world out there.  She loves it, so carry on.

A tasty beverage and scurvy prevention in one.
Later that night, my good friend Robin the Abandoner (she will forever and a day be stuck with that moniker as her punishment for abandoning me during my Baghdatis needs) invited me to come out with her and my other fabulous mother of 2, Lisa.  Robin does a lot of the PR for Finnigan's Wake in Winston and they were celebrating their new expansion--doubling of their dining area and bringing their beers on tap up to 40.  Yes, the big 4-0.  The good kind of 40.  The kind of 40 I actually look forward to.  I was on my best behavior and had 2 of the 40.  Now I have 38 left to go!  Plus, Saturday night marked the halfway point to St. Patty's day and if there is ever a reason to celebrate, that is it.

See how good I look when Robin actually takes the pic?  In the center and not doofus looking!

Lulu had her first swim meet of the indoor season at the brand, spanking new Greensboro Aquatic Center (or the unfortunately acronymed GAC).  This place is super nice and super new.  And spacious.  For the claustrophobic person in me, I am greatly appreciative of the space factor.  It was the good old prairie days.  We staked a claim on a back row and the closest homestead was a whole section away.  Pey had enough room to be a free range kid and I didn't have to worry with her wandering into someone else's territory without cattle rustlers rebranding her.

Lulu has a new coach this year and Coach Nathan is the rockstar among coaches.  The Van Halen of coaches (David Lee Roth version, not Sammy Hagar).  While we were saddened to hear about Coach Rob moving to my old stomping grounds back east, we were like, totally, stoked to the max (yes, I'm aware that valleygirl speak and classic rock and roll do NOT go hand in hand, but it's Sunday and I'm lazy) when we heard about Nathan moving to the Greensboro Star Aquatics site.  Coach Nathan rocks in a playing the guitar overhead with his teeth kind of way and obviously so does his coaching.  Lulu had the month of August off from swimming and has only had 5 practices under his tutelage.  She swam hard and looked smooth.  So smooth she finished 6th overall in both the 50 Breast AND the 100 Breast and was the top Star finisher in those events.  Over the course of 8 events, she dropped a total of approximately 21 seconds.  Rock on Lulu!  

The only time it is appropriate for you to vandalize your child with graffiti.
My entertainment between swims.  Sadly, I left my ipod in my car :(

And lastly, for no other reason than the Gruesome Twosome said "take our picture" and proceeded to thug out in their best thug manner, and also because I can't think of a witty ending summary paragraph, enjoy the scene from our Friday night dinner.

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