Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Beauty Test Dummies

Apparently the planets are in proper alignment today.  Mercury in retrograde and the house of Venus rising or something like that.  As we all know, I have several addiction problems--coffee, Duke basketball, Ewan McGregor and lipstick.  Lots of lipstick.  Red lipsticks.  I could never work at Sephora, because I would spend all my paycheck and then still owe them.  Plus, I'd probably scare customers in my repeat chanting of the Lord's Prayer, at least the "lead me not to temptation" part.

Shay and Carrie, friends I met through Robin the Abandoner, have started a beauty/makeup blog Beauty Test Dummies .  These two are smart and sassy AND huge Duke Blue Devils fans--what's not to like?  With my makeup *problem*, of course I was uber excited to read it.  Insight AND wit--what's not to like? I wrote Shay to let her know how much I enjoyed reading it & told her that if they ever needed a guest contributor to let me know.  Hey, I'm unemployed at leisure and I have time to spare these days.

At that point, Mercury and Venus got together and cosmic karma smiled down upon me.  Shay replied to say that I could contribute as much as I wanted!  It's like Christmas in November!  I get to put my makeup product junkie habit to good use AND get to write.  That's tantamount to Coach K asking me to write my thoughts about my Blue Devils or Ewan asking me to write reviews about his movies.  Huge!  Gigantic!  Gigantically huge!  When I make a trip to Ulta and MAC tonight, I will hold my head high because it's all in the name of research to help edify the masses.  Right?  Right?

Now if only I can find a way to justify my Starbucks addiction......

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  1. Yay! We are so excited you will be playing along on the blog with us!!!