Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Getting Crafty With It

I found myself faced with the first Christmas since I'd sold the shop and ergo, no idea of what to get the Sound & the Fury's teachers.  It was so easy to tell the girls to go fix boxes (within reason) for their teachers.  Usually the teachers got boxes full of solids or peanut butter cups (the Gruesome Twosome tend to fix things that they like), but hey, at least the teachers were getting something that the kids had put some thought into.

Since I no longer am cooking 15 hours a day (like I did at the shop), I REFUSE to cook anything for teachers in any way, shape or form.  I'm on strike.  Consider me Norma Rae of my kitchen.  I may have even stood on the table and ask J to unionize the workers of this house, but I digress.  Enter my best friend, Mary Margaret, has gotten me hooked on (read, addicted) to Pinterest.  Now that I'm unemployed at leisure, I have plenty of time to peruse the various "pins" out there.  Granted, I am the LEAST crafty person you will ever encounter so I usually look at the crafting pins much like I'd window shop at Tiffany's--nice to look out but way out of my league..  Martha Stewart will probably sue me if I mentioned her in this un-craft blog.   That's how bad I am.

However, I saw a pin to turn ordinary washers into Christmas ornaments--personalized at that.  J & I took off to Home Depot and befuddled everybody working there when we started holding washers up against each other, just for looks (because we all know that's how plumbers pick their washers out, right?  if they look darling against each other).

A few taps with some imprinting die (thanks again to my Norm Abram-esque father in law), some co-ordinating ribbon and WHA-POW!  Teacher gifts!

Not too shabby, eh?  Especially for a non crafter!  Now to find something to make from Popsicle sticks and twine!!

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  1. Wow-- if you can make magic with a washer just think what you could do with a screw (heehee snort middle school giggle)