Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Santaland Diaries

As difficult as this may be to believe, I actually had my act so together that I purchased a Christmas gift back this summer.  When I mentioned to my best friend, Mary Margaret, that Triad Stage was offering David Sedaris' The Santaland Diaries, she said she REALLY wanted to go.  Even though I am still holding a grudge against her for not taking me to see David Sedaris in Charlotte three years ago (hello???  I own some FABULOUS shoes and would have fit in with that crowd nicely thankyouverymuch!!), I had the lightbulb moment where I decided to get her tickets for her Christmas present.  Granted, since we think a lot alike, I had to tell her in advance what I was doing, lest we run into a Gift of the Magi scenario.

We began our evening at Opa! Greek restaurant, which is about half a block away from Triad Stage.  J & I cannot do anything downtown Greensboro without hitting Opa! Heck, I even want to have some right now.  At 9am in the morning!  It's that good.  Turns out Thursday nights are half price wine bottle nights there.  A very Merry Christmas indeed!

Two girls.  Three glasses.  I don't know either.  I wasn't a math major.

When in Rome do as the Romans.  And don't ignore the Greeks either.

Done with dinner, we walked back over to Triad Stage.  Turns out, the play was held upstairs in the Upstage Caberet, to which I'd never been.  Upstage Caberet is actually a teeny, tiny little hole in the wall room, but they call it a "caberet" to give it that cozy feeling.  The ticket taker told us that it was sold out & we may have to make new friends and sit at a table with people we didn't know.  Mary Margaret was having none of that & made a beeline for a two top table at the back of the place.  Little did we know that later on in the play, the Elf walked to our little corner and deemed it the Vomitorium.  No direct reflection on us, but  rather because his lines called for him to say it in reference to a long line waiting to see Santa at Macy's.  Still, MM & I got a big laugh about sitting in the Vomitorium, which may be our new catch phrase when we find ourselves in a less than desirable situation (PTA meetings, for example).
Enormous powers.  Teeny, tiny living space.  Yes, we are at the back.  Yes, the white chair was the stage.

We entertain ourselves so easily, we don't need a play.  These were little cards to decorate to put on their Christmas tree.
The play was great.  Only one actor.  For the whole hour and a half.  He didn't miss any lines (at least to our knowledge).  I can't even remember my name the majority of the time and this guy remembered an hour and a half worth of lines!

With the evening over at 9pm, we had that "not ready to go home" feeling so we ventured over to The Green Bean Coffee House.  I love the Green Bean, but I always feel I am not cool enough to hang out there--it's uber cool & I'm an uber nerd.  Since we stood out like sore thumbs there (I was the only one in the whole room without a tattoo--I don't mean in the biker sense of tattoo, I mean the cool, hip crowd kinda tattoo), we drank our coffee.  And headed home.
Coffee love.

Onwards and upwards to see what Mary Margaret & I can get into next!

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