Friday, January 20, 2012

Aztec Dragon, Corks Crew Meetup

Yes, I realize it's been almost 3 weeks since my last post, but let's face it.  I'm boring. Nobody wants to read about how I spend my days playing Words With Friends with my retired mother.   Not that I can be held accountable for my boring nature.  It's January.  It's cold.  I have gone into hibernation.  Tabatha's Salon Takeover marathons and easy cheese were simply calling my name and who am I to deny Tabatha?  Plus, those double word scores ain't gonna play themselves.

My BFF and partner in crime, Mary Margaret, found something worth making me put on pants (no, I wasn't truly pants-less, but my sweats don't really count as proper pants).  The Greensboro Corks Crew (see what they've done there--corks crew, corkscrew?? Brilliant!) was having a meet up at the Aztec Dragon (Mexican Chinese--intriguing) with 5 generous pours.  J was gone on business last week, so I figured after a week of house arrest with the Sound and the Fury, I had to get out.

Apparently, these Corks Crewers are serious about their wines.  When I put down "close race between Boone's Farm and Manischewitz" on my application as my reply to "What's your favorite wine?", that got me branded as a rouge and a renegade.  When they heard my name last night as I was checking in, the organizers immediately recognized me.  And sat me in a separate dining room.  No, just kidding, but I'm sure they probably wanted to.

Jay Tarigo of American Premium Beverage was the master of ceremonies and had the set up of 6 pours.  Yes, a bonus pour!  We started with a sweet bubbly white and worked our way to the good reds.  Jay was very informative.  For example, we learned that the screw on tops on some wine bottles is called a "stelvin" and that Zebulon, NC is home to  the largest synthetic cork factory in the US.  Who knew?  Sake tastes like rotten bananas.  Who knew? (ok, so maybe you did know that. I just don't get out much).

The wines were all paired with Asian foods.  Once again, who knew that a potsticker would go well with a pinot?
Mary Margaret goes incognito with a "fake" name.  See, she's trying to avoid  being recognized.

After all our erudition, we decided our brains couldn't handle any more knowledge.  So we hit up a beer & pizza joint for dinner.  A $2 Yeungling special will go a long way to ease smart thoughts.

Now, to figure out how to properly play "stelvin" for a double word score.

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  1. I want to read how you spend your days playing Words With Friends with your retired mother. It amazes me that so many people are playing Words With Friends. Way back when, only a select few of my friends played Scrabble. When I started it wasn’t about building vocabulary, the challenge was extracting words in that jumble of tiles. Once I figured out that I could improve by unscrambling anagrams, it all fell into place. Then I got more and more hooked on creating anagrams, as my blog will attest. WWF is an itch that this wordy can’t stop scratching.