Sunday, January 22, 2012

Duke Swim Dive vs. UVA

Friday was a teacher workday, which meant I had the Sound & the Fury all day.  Thankfully it wasn't too bad, as the Sound slept until the crack of lunch and I had made cupcakes, so the few hours they were together, they were in sugar induced comas and didn't fight.  Whenever there is a workday, we always try to do something fun, or at least something out of the ordinary routine (like emergency runs to the dentist, for example).  We saw that Duke swimming was holding a home meet and since we never spend time around an indoor pool (when will they develop the sarcasm font?--mere italics don't cut it), we decided to make our yearly trek to Duke's Taishoff Pavilion.
Our house, indeed.

Let me preface this by stating that when I was at Duke, I didn't even know we had a swim team, much less go to the Aquatic Center (actually I did once for a lifeguarding course--couldn't figure out how to get on pool deck, so I dropped the class.. I was nothing but devoted. HA!).  This will just go to show you what kids will make you do.  When we were at Duke, we hated Duke.  Now we look for any excuse to head back to the alma mater (and force the girls to go through the tour of "Parents--The Early Years", which includes such sites such as our freshman dorm.  And yes, my apartment where J stumbled in looking for his wrestling buddies and ended up with a wife instead).  I considered wearing J's varsity letterman jacket (yes, he was a big, bad wrassler and we have an ACC 3rd place championship plaque in our house to prove it).  I decided against that, because I didn't want to date myself.  Kids these days are too hip to be wearing old fogey letterman jackets and if I'm anything, I'm hip.  Or so I lie to myself.
I told Lulu to do something "swimmery".  Instead she gave me petit mal seizure-y.
Odd to see Lulu in the stands for a swim meet.

Duke swam against UVA, who was nationally ranked.  Considering that, the team competed very well.  Peytie was engrossed with the divers.  Since that kid is constantly flinging herself about with reckless abandon, I predict she'll be taking years off my life by jumping off the platform.  The really high one. We did what we usually do to celebrate anything remotely good in Durham--we headed to Hog Heaven BBQ.  If you can get past its location in the shadiest strip mall in Durham, you'll be treated to the best BBQ in town.  Good, especially considering its sketchy location with quick access to 85, might very well be your last meal.

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