Saturday, November 26, 2011

Insanity (Or The Things We Do For Love)

You all know that I ain't exactly right.  I have never been accused of acting rationally.  Ever.  Unless it was tossed out as an insult to try to get me "spun up" (as J likes to say).  In fact, my senior year quote was "Why be normal?".  See, if I was normal, I would have kept my butt at the OBX with my family and my Kindle yesterday (and by family, I should mention how good my grandmother's cooking is).  However, I am so far from normal, I decided that it would be "fun" to spend 10 hours round trip in the car with J to drive back inland to Greensboro in order for him to keep stats at the Page football playoff game.

Yes, 5 hours there.  5 hours back.  PLUS the 4 hours of sitting in the cold.  With 6,000 people I didn't know.  To watch a game where Page was decidedly the underdog.  I didn't want J driving back after the game by himself, so I threw my Kindle in the car and rode along.
My vantage point.  Not pictured, my Kindle, to my left.

J in action.  Still not sure how he categorizes a tackle by a "shipload of Pirates"
My father in law & I prepared to storm the field after the game.  Well, as much as a  65 year old man with a hip & knee replacement can storm.
'Nuff said.
The good news?  Page won 41-27.  HUGE upset.  They are now going to play for the state championships next week.  Even better news?  J was so pumped after that win that he managed to stay awake the whole drive home & I didn't have to take the wheel at all.  His radio choices were questionable, but hey, it was 4am, so whatever kept him awake.  I will give him credit for fetching me a large mocha, with a extra shot this morning.  It's the only thing keeping me going right now.

Here's to next week and hopefully many more "Pirate....FIRST DOWN!!!  ARRRGGGG!"

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  1. You are indeed a good and brave wife! I know Jeremy appreciated the support, and I'm sure you learned some colorful new Pirate language! I love your posts- keep blogging! And even though you're not a huge fan, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!