Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Kites Without Lights

I will admit, when it comes to Christmas, I am somewhat of a Scrooge.  Getting the decorations out & then having to put them all back up just seem like more trouble than it's worth.  If it wasn't for the Gruesome Twosome, I wouldn't even bother with the tree (although with our current hurricane-esque destruction from the renovations, our tree might not make an appearance).  I also detest hearing Christmas music before Thanksgiving.  That just ain't right.  However, there is one Christmasy thing that I look forward to every year, Kitty Hawk's Kites with Lights, which is the Saturday after Thanksgiving every year.

Kitty Hawk Kites is located right across the street from Jockey's Ridge (a huge old sand dune), which looks like this during the day:
Taken while waiting on Pey in the bathroom.  That kid is the most hydrated kid on the face of the planet.
We had already visited KHK earlier during the day so the girls could rock climb on their indoor climbing wall.
Sometimes I'd be willing to pay the operator to just leave them dangling up there for a while.  You know, for my sanity's sake.

We headed back that way around 5, or just when it was starting to get dark.  We parked and walked all the way up to the top of Jockey's Ridge, which in the dark could very well be a event on Fear Factor (trust me, I have seen the rusted out tin cans and the abandoned putt putt course in the daylight and it's a tetnus party just waitin' to happen).  We successfully hauled our butts all the way to the top just to find out that there was no wind.  None.  In the area renown for it's wind (yes, the Wright brothers flew here because of that wind), we had nada.  No kites.  No lights.  Only the dangerous trek up the ridge and possible hepatitis.  The one thing I look forward to & it just wasn't happening.Bum-mer!

At least I got some great shots from last year.  Here's what Kites with Lights should look like:

Guess that will have to hold me over until next year.  Maybe in lieu of the tree, I'll just string some lights from the ceiling and call it a day.  That way I don't have to worry about cleaning the living room--the lights can just hover over the junk!

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