Monday, February 20, 2012

Princess Ball 2012

J is on the executive board of directors (that feels like it should be in all caps, or something equally grandiose) for the local Communities in Schools (CIS) chapter.  Last year, they initiated the first ever Princess Ball--a daddy daughter dance (try saying that three times fast), an "awwwww" inducing event of the first magnitude.  Raise money and get to cry your eyes out all at the same time!  Well, at least I'd be crying my eyes out.

I was all set to go pour punch and dole out pizzas, but unfortunately Saturday morning I got a phone call that my grandmother was very ill and in the hospital.  Instead of helping the princesses primp, I laid out their clothes, packed a bag and drove all balls of fury to eastern NC, where the cotton grows tall and XM radio signals don't reach.

J was left with the daunting job of helping the girls get ready.  I have already made J promise that should anything ever happen to me, he would have someone teach him how to do Pey's hair, lest CPS come knocking on his door.  He's a great dad, but he is thwarted by a pony tail holder and a brush.  Thankfully he called his twin sister over to pinch hit and get it done!

The little princesses are treated to having their nails done (I was hoping to get mine done too, but oh well), decorate cupcakes, dance to a DJ and have unlimited pizza (Lulu had 5 slices & Pey 3--they got our money's worth).

Lulu was too cool to wear her crown.  Or dance.  But Pey thoroughly enjoyed herself.

While I hated I couldn't be there, at least I got some really good pics of J & the Gruesome Twosome from my sister in law.

Maybe it was a good thing I wasn't there.  I would have pulled my best Charlene Darling and cried at "Butterfly Kisses" or "Dancing with Cinderella".  Although the cupcakes and nail painting might have made up for it.


  1. Great to see the pics of Jeremy and the girls. Also great to see I am not the only one whose hair is not quite as thick as it once was up top. But J's secret is safe with me...for now! :)