Sunday, March 11, 2012

Bringing Home the Bacon! (And Coffee!)

Regular readers of my blog know two things about me:  1)  That I have been unemployed at leisure since selling the shop in September and 2)  I have a *slight* coffee addiction.  Yes, I drink through a two month supply of coffee in 3 weeks, but that's Amazon's definition--they started by selling books, so what do they know about what normal coffee consumption is?

In my quest for obtaining employment, I have sent off numerous cover letters to numerous outlets--some via employment sites, some via company websites, some via employment agencies and some via Craigslist.  Usually the ones on Craiglist amounted to nothing more than scams (as appealing as working as a personal assistant to someone currently abroad seems, it was merely a ploy to get somebody to launder money--thank heavens for internet research or else you might be seeing me on the nightly news and not in a good way).  In my efforts to leave no possible employment stone unturned, I sent off resumes to anything remotely related to any talents I remotely possess (for example, I even sent off a resume to be considered a housekeeper for a local college because I remotely know what a mop is).

Last Friday, I replied to a Craigslist add for an account manager.  I figured that the only thing it would probably amount to was more spam in my inbox (and more funny fodder to add to the scammer stories).  Within two hours, I received a phone call.  Of course, I let it go straight to voice mail, because I have had my share of life insurance companies calling to get me to sell life insurance--didn't need that on a Friday afternoon.  I Bing searched the number and it was a local company.  A local company that sold COFFEE.  It was like the mothership calling me home!  COFFEE!!!  I cannot put enough stress on the coffee part--they roast it AND import some from Italy.  The Holy Grail of employment!

I spoke with one of the two owners and arranged an interview for Monday morning.  I was an absolute nervous wreck.  I spent all weekend researching the company.  Researching their competition.  Researching what to wear on an interview.  Researching what to say on an interview.  It wasn't so much that I wanted A job.  I wanted THIS job!  Monday came and so did the interview.  It went well--lasted about two hours.  I was offered the job via telephone less than two hours later. I felt like I was holding revival up in the house--lots of "Hallelujahs" and "Amens" going on in my living room!  I started work on Tuesday.  Yes, a whirlwind, but a good one. 

J & the girls took me out to celebrate Tuesday night.  He even bought me some roses.  Awwww. 
The little bag of espresso was my parting gift from the interview.

Now I have a husband at home buying me flowers and a boss at work making me cappucinos and espressos several times a day.  Only by selling red lipstick there too or Ewan McGregor stopping by to discuss the roasting process, could it possibly get better!

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