Saturday, April 21, 2012

Easter 2012

Better late than never, I suppose.  This whole being employed thing is great for the family economics, but it greatly cuts into my leisure time.  Used to be I had time to mull over my words.  To think a thought to fruition.  To be charming and witty.  Now I have to be terse and clipped, much like I am paying by the word.  Kinda like the old timey telegrams, only spread worldwide.  And with pictures.

So in as few words as possible, here's our Easter.  Festivities started at Archdale UMC on Palm Sunday, with an egg hunt.  We have been attending Archdale UMC since September and this was the first big shindig we've attended (not counting church, of course).  They do it up right.  Stories, games, face painting, snacks.  And eggs.  A field full of eggs.

Then it was off to our usual Easter place, Kill Devil Hills, NC on Good Friday.  Since I'm a workin' now and since folks gotta have their coffee, I didn't get the day off.  Instead, I worked part of the day & then we were east bound and down (yes, a VERY old Smokey & the Bandit reference).  It was good to hit up all the usual good eats places (Spanky's--I'm looking at you).  We dyed eggs with some very vintage tin cups (soy milk formula tins from when my sister was a baby, circa 1979).

These would bring a pretty penny on the Antiques Road Show.

The Easter Bunny brought some wicked, easy flying kites.  We took down to the water and flew kites.  For an hour or so.  If there was a job to fly kites for a living, I would definitely have to apply.

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